Finest alpine folk music

Die Hallers

clef Die Hallers

US-Navy-Station in Sicily
Autumnfest 2018:
The Hallers performed at this special event!

singing & yodelling

a modern sound of our home - traditional and authentic

The "Hallers" are a popular modern folk band from the alpine region of South-Tyrol (Italy). Two brothers and one sister perform an original and refreshingly different brand of tyrolean music with an authentic folk-style.

The three "Hallers" love harmonized singing as well as lively instrumental arrangements. Certain pieces require yodelling. All in all you can enjoy a professional live show full of energy and enthusiasm.

Hans Haller: bass clarinet + clarinet + drums + voice
Renate Haller: acoustic guitar + electric guitar + voice
Alfred Haller: accordion + digital piano + voice

HARMONY & rhythm